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Zachariah Clarkson was born in Sydney and moved to the Gold Coast where he lives today. At age 7, while Zach was losing his sight, his father taught his son how to play chess and built him a tactile chess board, enabling him to play with other children. He was at primary school, competing in the Chess Club Competition for several years before being selected to play in the inter-school chess tournament where his talents were noticed by both the media (Courier Mail - "King of the Mind Games") and Graeme Gardiner (Gardiner Chess Centre). Zach went on to eventually win the 2010 Gold Coast Junior Chess Master as the outright champion. (Read more - G. Gardiner.)

2010 was also the year Zach completed the 96km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge and was also the first bling person to do so, as part of his high school team (Read more - Adam De Cotta and Team Sacrifice), completing the grueling trek in under 35 hours. (Read more - Kokoda Challenge). Zach was presented with the "Spirit of Kokoda" Award by Doug Henderson and invited to participate in the Kokoda Kid's Journey to Papua New Guinea and walk part of the actual Kokoda Trail.

Zac Clarkson and Peter SpencerZach's cycling started with inspiration from Bryce Lindores, a Paralympic Bronze Medalist on the track in 2008. After meeting with Bryce, also a Gold Coast resident, Zach was lucky enough to start his training alongside a true champion. Zach's national level cycling career reach its peak in 2013 where together with pilot Peter Spencer, rode the 4kg Pursuit to Silver Medal time of 4:30 only being beaten by the current world record holders by 7 seconds.

The next few years were taken up with studying, working and weightlifting, where he met Amy Cameron and began combat training in late 2017, having never thrown a punch at anyone. Amy has worked tirelessly with Zach, honing his skills and sharpening his senses to become the fighter you will see at his first Boxing Match on Friday, 28th September 2018. Zach is truly a Modern Day Viking.

  • Age: 25 (2018)
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 91kg (Fighting Weight: 82kg)
  • Coach: Amy Cameron

Current Gym Statistics

  • Back Squat: 1RM 120kg
  • Power Clean: 1RM 90kg

Personal Bests

  • Snatch: 88kg
  • Clean and Press: 84kg
  • Clean and Jerk: 105kg (Regulation Competition Lift)
  • VO2MAX: 60+ (2013)

Past Achievements

2013 Cycling Track Nationals 4km Pursuit - Silver Medal (Behind current World Record holders Matt Formston and pilot Nick Yallouris)

  • Time: 4:30,
  • Pilot: Peter Spencer

2010 - First blind person to complete the 96km trek through the Gold Coast Hinterland in under 35 hours and his team were recipients of the 2010 Spirit of Kokoda Award.

2010 - Gold Coast Junior Chess Master - Outright winner.

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Chess Versus Boxing

Zachariah Clarkson is Boxing Blind

"In boxing you create a strategy to beat each new opponent, it's just like chess."
Lennox Lewis

"It's less about the physical training, in the end, than it is about the mental preparation: boxing is a chess game. You have to be skilled enough and have trained hard enough to know how many different ways you can counterattack in any situation, at any moment."
Jimmy Smits

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